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Valuing Diversity Ph.D. Scholarships


Adel I. El-Ansary
Anheuser-Busch Companies
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Kenneth L. Bernhardt
Harriette Bettis-Outland
A. Leila Borders
Katharine and Alan Bremer
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Linda Silver Coley
William R. Davidson
George and Marilyn Day
Dennis L. Dunlap
Adel I. El-Ansary
Michelle A. Elster
Jon M. Hawes
Geraldine R. Henderson
Eli Jones
Michael Z. Kay
Roger A. Kerin
Eugene J. Kelley
Thomas C. Kinnear
Philip Kotler
Robert J. Lavidge
Robert F. Lusch
Roseanne Luth
Charles S. Madden
Charlie E. Mahone Jr.
Leigh M. McAlister
Wayne R. McCullough
McGraw Hill
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NTC/Contemporary Publishing
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William Qualls
H. Paul Root
Sage Publications Ltd.
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Gail A. Taylor
University of Texas at Austin
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