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Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award

The Sheth Foundation established the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award in 2001, under the umbrella of the American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF).  The award, given annually at the Summer AMA Marketing Educators' Conference, honors the best article published in the Journal of Marketing that has made long term contributions to the field of marketing.  It is named in recognition of the generous donations of the Sheth Foundation to the AMAF and the outstanding career contributions to the field of marketing of Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University.  The award recognizes scholarship based on the benefits of time and hindsight and will acknowledge contributions and outcomes made to marketing theory.


An article will be eligible for consideration to receive the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing award in the sixth through tenth years after its publication in the Journal of Marketing.  Once the ten-year eligibility time has passed, an article will no longer be eligible for consideration.  Winners, as appropriate, may be invited by the Editor of the Journal of Marketing to submit a guest editorial column for inclusion in the issue announcing the award.

Selection Criteria

The judges will be the members of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Marketing.  Evaluation criteria that will be used by the judges in reviewing articles for the Award include:

  • Quality of the article’s contribution to theory and practice.
  • Originality of the article.
  • Technical competence in the execution of the research.
  • Impact on the field of marketing.

Recipients - Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award