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The American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF) is committed to providing the resources and tools that nonprofits need to enhance their marketing pursuits, so they can accomplish their missions of helping those who need it most.


How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters - Mal Warwick

How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters, addresses what is called the creative side of the business, the art in a field that merges art and science. Of the more than $300 billion per year in private voluntary contributions to nonprofit organizations in the United States, it's estimated that as much as $60 billion is raised through the mail, and direct mail produces by far the largest single number of first-time donors to nonprofit organizations. It's not surprising, then, that the nation's 1.5 million nonprofits invest a great deal of money in raising money by mail. Unfortunately, a lot of that money is misspent on appeals that are sent to the wrong people, at the wrong time -- and are poorly written to boot.

Robin Hood Marketing - Katya Andresen

How do you motivate people to give money, take action, or otherwise advance your worthy cause? The answer is marketing, and whether you're a nonprofit executive or a PTA volunteer, Robin Hood Marketing shows you how to sell your mission as successfully as the great marketing minds of corporate America sell their products.

Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear: Discussion on the world of nonprofits and marketing

This discussion, sponsored by The Nonprofit Times, will look at the marketing management of organizations and how the competitive environment is heating up and creating demand for organizations to embrace the marketing of the commercial world with some unique and amazing twists.

Diversity in Marketing: From the Academy to the Marketplace

The Selig Center report on the multicultural economy and multicultural purchasing power, projects that in 2009, the combined buying power of the three racial groups of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans will more than triple its 1990 level of $456 billion, accounting for 14.1 percent of the nation's total buying power. All of these markets will grow much faster than the white market. Add in the Hispanic ethnic market segment, and it is obvious why marketers recognize that it would be economically ill-advised to not aggressively go after these diverse segments. Yet, these diverse segments are underrepresented in academia, the training ground for future marketing leaders, especially at the Ph.D. level.

The AMA Foundation: The Professional Home for Nonprofit Marketer

The American Marketing Association’s philanthropic arm, the AMA Foundation, has an audacious goal: to become the professional home for nonprofit marketers. Until the AMA Foundation launched the first-ever nonprofit marketing conference in July 2002, nonprofit marketing was a maturing discipline without a forum for knowledge leadership and support. Since that first conference, thousands of museum marketers have compared notes with relief organizations’ marketers, health care marketers have learned how education marketers tackle their challenges, foundation marketers connected in new ways with fundraisers, and so on.

Ask Without Fear!

Tune in to Marketing News Radio and get re-energized to raise money for your nonprofit organization. Marc Pitman will show you how to identify new fundraising angles, establish long-standing relationships with your donors and lead a successful overall campaign. He is a nationally-recognized thought leader and fundraising trainer.

Time to "Fix" your Brand? Some Practical Advice to Get you Started

Pecanne Jennings, Chief Marketing Officer for SQN Communications Design, discusses how to strategically re-evaluate your brand to match the current needs of your organization.

Importance of Matching Mission and Audience to Create Mutual Maximum ROI

During this radio show Paula Oyer Berezin, CEO & Chief Strategist for Social Capital Partnerships will discuss the importance of nonprofit organizations aligning their core mission with that of prospective cause-related marketing partners that will create qualitative and quantitative ROI for both entities.

AMA Nonprofit Webcasts

The AMA brings thought leaders in the field to discuss some of the most pressing marketing issues facing nonprofits.  Please click the link below to view the AMA's current list of webcasts.

Marketing Webcasts

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